Patent & Trademark Attorneys


Since 2006, we have delivered high quality, cost-efficient legal services to the best U.S. and global companies. We have been at the forefront of technological change and are focused on generating value for our clients.

Hahn & Associates provides a broad range of patent related services covering patent preparation and prosecution, post-grant review, validity opinions, non-infringement opinions, licensing, technology transfer and strategic alliance agreements, research and development agreements, due diligence review, and patent portfolio development and management.

Our team of registered patent attorneys takes pride in understanding your business from top to bottom so that we can obtain claims that matter. We adhere to a written point-by-point plan that covers all the bases and ensures that our client's need from patent preparation, to prosecution, to post-grant proceedings are met.


Our team also consists of experts in every aspect of electronic filing, including e-filing of U.S. and PCT patent applications, bulk data, docketing software, and electronic filing of Information Disclosure Statements and Assignments.

Hahn & Associates is located in Washington D.C.  nearby the U.S. Patent Office in Alexandria, VA. Our proximity allows us to maintain close contact with the large and vibrant patent community. Rubbing elbows with Examiners, Administrative Law Judges, Dept. Officials, and other Patent Lawyers helps us keep abreast of the latest news and developments. Not only does the community include professional colleagues of the highest caliber, we consider some of them to be good friends.